Why Most Businesses Choose Flat Roofing

Have you ever noticed that Vancouver businesses seem to prefer flat roofs on their buildings? The next time that you stroll down any one of our shop-lined streets you’ll notice that they all have this in common. Most companies in and around Vancouver have flat roofs.

To roofing companies, it is easy to understand why. Flat roofs have a lot of advantages.

Easy Access

This is probably the most obvious advantage of flat roofs. While care should always be taken any time a person accesses their roof, the relatively level surface of these roofs mean that you can walk around easily when you are up there. The risk of falling off is minimal, especially when you compare it to the slopes and angles of the alternative roofing types.

As you know, operating your own building requires regular inspections, both by local officials and by yourself. These are a lot easier to perform with a flat roof, allowing you to conveniently keep an eye on your property and stay ahead of any problems.

If maintenance is required, this is similarly a lot simpler to address. It can be completed quickly and more efficiently, saving you time and money.


Flat roofed buildings are actually easier to warm up in the winter. There is less wasted space to heat because there is no pitched attic. The flat roof also absorbs warmth from the sun and distributes it through the building. This can really have an effect on your energy bill in the winter.

Great Value

This is what probably stands out most to companies. Flat roofs are significantly less expensive to construct. This is because they require fewer materials than pitched alternatives and can be completed faster because of their simple design.

It is critical however, that flat roofs be built with quality materials and by expert professionals. There are some problems that can arise with flat roofs that a trusted company like Affordable Quality Roofing can help you to avoid. We will outline some of those next week.


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