Recommended R-Values For BC And Greater Vancouver

R-Values Location Notes
40 Attic Roof Any uninsulated attic/roof assembly
20 Wall Any uninsulated exterior wall cavity.
28 Floor Over unheated, uninsulated space

Most building supply outlets do not have fiberglass blanket or batting solution available with R-Values higher than R38, which is inadequate for attic insulation in the Vancouver area. Affordable Quality Roofing always uses materials and processes that ensure your attic, roof, floors and walls are insulated beyond established R-Value ratings.

Cellulose is most commonly shredded newspaper treated with flame retardant. Although cellulose was a popular choice and widely used, it has a tendency to settle and break down over time. Blown in fiberglass insulation has quickly become the preferred choice for it’s efficiency and flame retardant qualities, not to mention its environmentally friendly quality.

In addition to the reduced emissions resulting from a more energy efficient home, the fiberglass used in our blown in insulation is from 35% pre and post consumer recycled content, which exceeds the EPA Recovered Material Guideline for fiberglass products. In addition, our thermal insulation solutions have been certified by GREENGUARD Environmental Institute and meet the GREENGUARD standards for low volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions, including formaldehyde.

The Affordable Quality Roofing blown in insulation solution improves building energy efficiency and reduces building energy consumption for the life of the structure. In turn, conserving non-renewable energy sources, decreasing dependence on foreign oil, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Especially common in older brownstones and row houses, which are notoriously short of attic insulation. Regardless of the style and age of your home, if your top floor is hot in the summer, or if your furnace can’t keep up in the winter, chances are your roof needs more thermal insulation. (Link to blown in insulation page)

It is unfortunately not uncommon, for a roofing job to end in dispute when you’re dealing with less than reputable roofing contractors. This problem arises out of simple issues, like water damage.

The reason this is common with less than reputable roofing companies, is because they usually fail to set proper expectations, and usually lack the proper documentation and contracts.

Before signing a contract, be sure that it contains language addressing who is responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of the roofing work.

This would make it clear who is responsible, but it would also make it clear whether or not the roofing contractor is a responsible contractor in general.

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