Roofing Waste Management

At Affordable Quality Roofing sustainability is a priority.

In an effort to reduce our ecological footprint from roofing waste, we recycle all roofing materials and take every effort to protect your land with tarps and plywood barriers.

We also take the time to better understand which areas of your yard are sensitive so that we can offer eco-friendly solutions to protect it from roofing waste.

At the end of every day we clean up your yard, and to ensure your safety, we use a magnetic roller to collect any nails from roofing waste, leaving you to continue enjoying your home.

What sets Affordable Quality Roofing apart is our roofing waste management protocol. In other words, we are committed to deal with roofing waste conscientiously, with both your safety, and the environment in mind.

The result is a roofing waste management system that leaves your home, and garden, the way we found it, helping your life get back to normal as quickly as possible.

You may also find it interesting to peruse our green roofing options for information on how your roofing project can have even less of an impact on our environment.

Making a decision about which company should handle your Waste Management needs on your roofing project is difficult. Why not visit our showroom and browse our installed samples, customer portfolio, and learn more about any product you need from our educated and professional staff? We are located at 520 Mountain Hwy, North Vancouver, V7J 2L4.

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