Torch on Roofing Installation in Greater Vancouver


A torch on roofing system is designed for low-angle or flat roofs.  Modified asphalt and resin are the two materials used in this type of roofing.  A thick coating is formed by using a torch to melt these two materials. This process is waterproof as it forms a dense coating and is ideal for these types of roofs. The name of this roofing type comes from the application method.

It is easy to confuse torch on roofing with tar and gravel.  They are, in fact, completely different from each other.  Torch on is lighter and does not have any gravel.  An advantage of this type of roofing over tar and gravel is the absence of gravel which can often cause drains to become clogged.  An undesirable characteristic of tar and gravel is the odor.  This order can even be harmful to your health. The torch on application method produces a much less offensive and tolerable odor.

Full Hot Works Liability Coverage

Affordable Quality Roofing is fully covered for ‘hot works’ liability. ‘Hot works’ describes any process that involves the use of open flames or the local application of heat and friction. One thing that all hot works processes – from welding and soldering to grinding and torch cutting – have in common is the potential risk of fire. Beyond being fully insured, we have extensive experience with this type of roofing application and enforce strict safety regulations as per the governing bodies for this industry and WorkSafe BC.

The Benefits of Torch On Roofing

Here are a few key advantages of using torch on roofing:

  • Tear and puncture resistance – Often commercial property owners prefer to install a torch on a roofing system due to its extremely durable and robust characteristics. This roofing system is highly resistant to wear, tear and puncture which also requires less maintenance. Although the upkeep is minimal, the key to a long-lasting roof is regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Ultraviolet protection and insulation – The airtight seal and exceptional material density of torch on roofing systems highlight its unique ultraviolet reflective competence  In addition, it provides excellent insulation to your property.  You can expect lower indoor temperature during warmer months. This roofing system will help to reduce your reliance of air conditioning which will positively impact your electricity bill.
  • Water Damage Protection – Torch on roofing is waterproof.  You can rely on this roofing system for areas that are vulnerable to frequent storms.  You do not need to worry about leaks, since the material is proven to be watertight.  The edges are completely sealed off, so your property is protected against water damage.
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