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January 24, 2022

How we work with architects and why it’s a good idea to include us in the architectural stages (and beyond) of small-large scale new builds and renovations.

There’s more to roofing than knowing how to handle shingles and a nail gun. A huge venture like a new house build or major home renovation requires a team-oriented approach, and a harmonious relationship between all team members involved is vital for a smooth, precise and successful project result. We enjoy working with clients, architects and contractors on new homes and renovations because we love the integrative team approach and most importantly, we know that it is best practice.

When architects, roofers and contractors start a job together it’s truly a recipe for success. We are able to build a solid connection and effective communication that ensures the job is done right, on budget and on time.

Each with our own expertise, we come together to develop a plan that works structurally and allows the client’s vision to come to life. Among other action items, architects often rely on us as professional roofers to help ensure that the home/building envelope can be optimized to work well with the design and prevent leaks. The roof is one of the most important ways of keeping the contents of your home/building safe and sound.

Why else do we like to work with architects and contractors from the get go? Here’s a high level breakdown of how (and why) we work with the entire professional building team on new builds and renovations.

Coles notes: it’s to ensure every roof is finished to be absolutely perfect in every way.

First things first, we like being are part of the design process

All construction projects start with a design phase, during which all members work together to create directives and plans for the entire build. Having us around during the early stages of the deliberation and design processes has a positive impact on the project as a whole as we are able to identify the goals of the project, the specifications of the structure, and the subsequent costs of the roof portion. We can ensure any ‘flaws’ in the plan get recognized and worked out in the beginning before the contractors get too far in. This is a great way to make the most of the client’s timeline and budget.

We help manage project and client expectations

When we work with clients, architects and contractors together we are able to nail down budget, availability of materials, as well as bring awareness to the fact that environmental conditions may result in revisions of the original plan. All of these factors are important to consider in the beginning stages of the build to avoid delays as the project progresses. Where there is communication there is high quality work, timely delivery and respect of the budget, which is what every client/project manager wants, right? 😉

We make regular, on-site visits

This is to help make sure that the plans haven’t changed. And if plans happen to change, it gives us a chance to make changes to our roofing team, recalculate the amount of materials needed, reconsider the type of roofing materials we’re using and plan for the most effective time to install the roof. Staying in touch and being active within the project as a whole is how we make it successful.

We immerse ourselves in the new build

Why do we get so involved? Simple. The roof is what protects everything in the home! They waterproof and weather-proof a structure, and intimately knowing each project serves as a learning experience for our team to familiarize themselves with the current construction project factors related to risk, buildability and commercial viability. At the end of the day, we aren’t architects or contractors, but the work we do does affect their job, and the work they do absolutely affects our job…and ultimately, the final result of the project.

We maintain open lines of communication

We’ve said it before and we’ll reiterate it here – communication on large custom builds and home renovations is essential to overall project success. It ensures a superior roofing system is installed, achieving all of your design goals. While having scheduled meetings is good, there are some unforeseen circumstances where quick action is needed. Therefore, we make sure to have an open and accessible line of communication between all parties involved; architects, contractors, clients. This way, planning/construction delays and miscommunication are minimized.

We make sure to follow building codes

As professional roofers we are well-versed experts in building codes which means we can provide architects the information they need to ensure the framing is within limits of the provisions. When we work with architects and contractors right from the beginning, we make sure no codes will end up being violated.

New builds are incredibly exciting and they are some of our favourite projects to work on! They are indeed big endeavours and when corners are cut in the planning process or every factor of the build isn’t considered, it can result in very costly problems. Our expertise in roofing, combined with our integrative and consultative approach, makes us a powerful ally to clients, architects and contractors alike in any new build project.

And for those home renovations…

As professional roofing consultants, we have the tools and experience to sample and test existing roofing systems. We can reveal the makeup of the roof and its deck, the condition of the underlying roofing system, and provide necessary tests to gauge the presence of any naturally occurring fungi/minerals, like mold and asbestos, for instance. We help the architect by suggesting the most economical and appropriate roofing system for the owner or client.

A building’s roof protects the owner’s investment in their building, a tenant’s property, and a property manager’s reputation. Which is why hiring professionals to assess, build and/or replace your roof is an absolute must.

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