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July 2, 2020

Last week, we discussed some of the issues that we encounter when roofing in Vancouver . This is a green and rainy city, and we have seen many a roof fall victim to moss, lichens, or algae. We are proud to offer some shingles that utilize the latest technology to repel plant and fungal life, but they are not always enough here in our part of the world.

If you want a strong and long-lasting roof, some maintenance is required. There is just no way around that.

The Flora And Fauna Of Vancouver Roofs

Our climate can nurture a variety of different plant life on our roofs. Lichens are chalky colored, frilly blotches, while algae can be green or black and is recognizable by the streaking stains that it leaves behind. The sight of lichens or algae growing on their roof alarms many people, but in truth the harm that these organisms cause is mostly cosmetic. Often, people create more damage by brushing or scrubbing their shingles in an attempt to clean them than if they had just left them alone.

Moss presents a more serious problem. It grows in furry clumps, trapping and holding much more moisture than algae or lichens. This significantly shortens the lifespan of your roof.

Cleaning Your Roof

Before you do anything, it is important to make sure that your shingles are sturdy and firmly in place. If your shingles are not in good enough shape for cleaning, it is time to start thinking about repairs or the possibility of a new roof.

You can gently apply a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner to kill algae, moss, and lichens and clean any stains. Avoid using a power washer or any vigorous scrubbing, you don’t want to wreck your shingles. Bleach is sometimes recommended, but it can leave blotchy marks, especially on cedar shingles. It is also bad for the environment, unlike hydrogen peroxide.

Affordable Quality Roofing has seen what can happen in Vancouver when roofs aren’t taken care of. Taking good care of your shingles can prevent expensive roofing repair costs later on.


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