The Challenges Of Roofing In Vancouver

Affordable Quality Roofing could not be more at home here in Vancouver. We have been here since 1986 and have established ourselves in the community, growing to become one of Vancouver’s top choices for its roofing needs.

Being locals of Vancouver, we recognize that our part of the world does present unique challenges for our roofing. Our mild, humid climate leads to the spectacular, giant plants and trees that we have growing everywhere. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for our roofs. Algae, moss, tree sap, fungus, lichens, as well as all of the excess moisture are just facts of life for our roofing in Vancouver.

Algae and Fungus and Moss, Oh My!

Not all of us may find the appearance of greenery on our shingles displeasing, but the fact remains that these substances hold moisture and prevent rainwater from draining properly. This can dramatically lower the life expectancy of the roof. So, the roofing materials we use at Affordable Quality Roofing are top quality and made by our trusted manufacturers. We offer several roof types that effectively combat some of our west coast hazards.

A 3M Scotchgard coating consisting partly of copper granules protects many of our asphalt shingle options. This makes the shingles resistant to black green algae, a common problem in Vancouver causing unsightly black streaks and fostering decay. Cedar shingles have natural anti-fungal properties and can also prevent unwanted things from growing on our roofs.

Some of our shingles do have a built in resistance to this, which is definitely a good thing for our roofing in Vancouver, but they don’t eliminate the need for regular maintenance. You may still notice moss sprouting here and there or debris piling up, especially if your house is in a shady, forested area. If that is the case, it is time to clean your roof. Next week, we will go over some steps to do that in detail.


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