Cedar Roofing Materials A Safe Choice In Stormy Weather

Cedar Roofing – Recent stormy weather in Vancouver has brought some concerns to many homeowners about the state of their roof. Shingles blown away by heavy winds are common sights on the weather channel. It’s not surprising to find the same thing just by walking around our own neighborhoods.Cedar Roof In Vancouver

The storm resistance of any roof is affected by several factors, such as the design of the roof, the roofing materials used, and the quality of workmanship. When we talk to different ones about the types of roofs available, we’re often quick to point out the aesthetic qualities of a cedar roof. Many though, are surprised to find that a cedar roof is one of the most wind resistant roofing materials available.

This has been proven in tests done by Underwriters Limited, an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization. Their test for wind resistance (known as UL-1897), has shown exemplary results for cedar roofing materials, earning ratings of up to 180 PSF (245 MPH winds).

Cedar roofing materials have more surprising benefits in this wet weather as well. While moss and mould are common problems for every roof type, quality cedar roofing has built-in all natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial defenses. A treated cedar will last even longer. It won’t keep your roof maintenance free, but it can certainly help to keep the costs of regular maintenance down. Cedar is truly a “green-roofing” solution.

Storms are nothing to take lightly however, and even the highest quality roof can take damage from heavy winds and rain. With that in mind, it’s good to stay on top of your roofs health, and arrange to have it inspected annually by a professional. Any issues regarding the condition of your roof can then be dealt with immediately, saving you money and hassle in the future.

If you reside somewhere in the Greater Vancouver area, and you have any concerns about the state of your own roof, or questions about cedar roofing in general, be sure to contact us for a free cedar roofing estimate.

The harsh weather might be keeping us busy, but we’re always ready to lend our expertise to those that need it!


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