Are Your Roofers Safe?

Last month, it was reported that 3 Northshore companies were fined for unsafe work practices on the job site. Of those 3 businesses, 2 were roofing companies. This is important for our customers to be aware of.

Roofing Safety TrainingWhen you hire a roofing contractor to carry out work on your home, you effectively become an employer. This is why it is necessary to ensure that any worker on your property is fully trained and capable for the work they perform. Not only does this make sure the job is done well, but it protects you legally in the case of an accident.

Make sure that WorkSafe BC covers your contractor. In the case of any accident, it is their job to make sure that all safety procedures were followed. If safety procedure was not followed, the workers will not be covered. This means a contractor would be within his legal rights (though the ethics are somewhat lacking) to pursue you for compensation due to injury.

This is an absolute nightmare situation, and one that we hope no one ever has to go through.

How can I be sure my Roofer is safe?

1) Ask your roofer for paperwork
To work on steep slopes, at heights, a roofer needs to wear proper safety equipment. They do not get on a roof without the right training, so ask for the proof of that training.

2) Ask your roofer about insurance
You want to avoid the worst, but if the worst happens, it’s good to know what to expect. Ask about insurance. Ask who provides it, how much is covered, and if it costs any extra.

3) Get references from WorkSafe and the BBB
These organizations maintain a database of businesses, and their practices. If you’re thinking of hiring someone that has a bad name, they’ll know about it.

Of course, the easiest way to protect yourself is by hiring us to do your roofing.

All our employees are trained properly, and adhere to safety rules set out by the province. We are fully covered by WorkSafe BC, and can accommodate those looking for further insurance coverage.

The bottom line is: Stay safe!


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