The 7 Signs of an Insulation Problem

No one wants to live in a cold, drafty house. Suitable attic insulation is important for keeping your family comfortable but also for keeping your heating bill down. Poor insulation is a cause for concern due to the potential roofing, gutter or mold issues that can easily develop in our damp climate.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has suggested the following signs as evidence for an insulation problem.

  1. Walls that are cold to the touch
  2. Cold floors
  3. Unusually high energy bill due to heating or cooling your home
  4. Uneven heat levels throughout your home
  5. Air conditioning system is ineffective
  6. Uncomfortably warm air inside during the summer
  7. Mold

A poorly insulated house is the beginning to a host of problems. Thankfully, replacing ineffective attic insulation can fix the issue before any additional problems arise. The procedure usually pays for itself in the first two years, setting your mind at ease and saving your wallet for the foreseeable future.


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