Spring Time Is Roof Inspection Time

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April 19, 2012

An annual inspection of your roof is an absolute must. Whether you’ve installed asphalt, fiberglass, or cedar shingles, you can protect the lifespan of your roof by performing regular inspections and maintenance.

Vancouver Roofer- Affordable Quality RoofingIf you have an attic, the first thing you’ll want to do is head up and check for the most obvious sign of roof problems. Sunlight. Seeing the sun streaming through your roofing tiles, it should be obvious to you that your roof needs some attention. If you don’t see this, allow yourself a moment to sigh with relief, then take a quick look around for watermarks.

Water will leave an obvious discoloration wherever it is allowed to collect. If you see a mark, you will want to take action to prevent further leaks immediately. Things like roof rot, attic mold, and insect infestation will occur if leaks are allowed to continue unchecked.

Once you have conducted our search of the attic, it’s time to have a walk around the property. We do not recommend that every owner climb onto his or her roof to inspect it. While it is easier to check for problems by getting closer, there are serious safety concerns for those unaccustomed to walking on their roof. Fiberglass, and cedar roofing materials can become slick if it has rained recently. One loose or faulty tile is all it takes for a fall to occur.

If you have a pair of binoculars, use these instead. They are perfect for getting a closer look at your roof without placing you in any danger. On your inspection, keep an eye out for the obvious flaws in your roofing first. Missing or broken tiles should be relatively easy to spot, but try to spot inconsistencies in the roofing pattern as well. Have any tiles been shifted out of place?

A roof is designed to regulate the flow of water above the home. If you find that your roofing is covered in debris, this water flow will be interrupted. Leaves and other debris allow moisture to remain in one area for much longer. This shortens the lifespan of your roofing materials, so it’s best to have the debris cleared away as soon as possible. Many homes require monthly maintenance for just this very reason. Something as simple as regular gutter cleaning or maintenance will go a long way in preserving the future value of your roof and your home.

If you see something during your inspection, and are unsure of how to proceed with a roofing repair, just give us a call or stop by the showroom to ask us about it. We are always ready to talk about our favorite subject. Roofing is what we do, after all.


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