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April 24, 2012

Your roof is one of the most important functional pieces of the home. You need a roofing material that will keep your family safe and comfortable year round. Not everyone considers how their roof will affect the value of their home and neighborhood however.

How important is the roof to the look of a home?

Well Dressed RoofVancouver, Canada is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The mountain peaked horizons, and pacific coast line offer some of the most breathtaking views available. The city skyline is famous worldwide, more for its surroundings than for its buildings.

When it comes to residential Vancouver, our city has always left a mark on development styles as a whole. From Vancouverism, to the Vancouver Special, this city has been at the forefront of architectural style for decades.

More recently, the planning stages of building homes have focused more on how the aesthetic of the roof and exterior affects the surrounding neighborhood and environment by looking at themes. While commercial and industrial areas may look strong with a gray asphalt finish, the more handsome residential areas are working with a natural wood finish. With the housing market being so competitive, the look of a home is paramount. Real estate agents are constantly talking about raising the “curb value” of homes. So how should a builder approach aesthetics while taking care of the more practical things, like cost and durability?

Style Transcends Genre

Most of us have a good idea what looks good on us personally. If we’re going to a business meeting, we wear business clothes, and if we’re heading to the beach we wear a swim suit. These things are common sense. If we attend a wedding, we do not wear jeans simply because they’re cheap and durable. It would not fit the situation.

Homes in Vancouver find themselves in the enviable position of being some of the most highly valued dwellings on the planet. So how do we keep them there? Dress them in a classic style.

Don’t Look for a Fad

Though there may be roofing products out there that promise to solve all your problems, examine first how they will affect your home. Does the product hold up over time? Does it clash with the surrounding environment? Will it improve the look of the neighborhood as a whole?

You will have many options for roofing material, but when it comes to the look of a home, it can be hard to beat the classic look of cedar shakes and shingles. They blend well with any home, and even improve the look of the neighborhood overall. Cedar roofing material is durable, long lasting, and when installed by us, it comes with a worry free guarantee.

If you’re not sure how a roofing material will look, stop by our roofing showroom in North Vancouver for a look at some samples. Choosing the right roofing material for you gets a lot easier when you can see what you’re getting.


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