Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement

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July 16, 2013

Roof inspection time isn’t only in spring. If your roof is a 20 years or older, there’s a good possibility that you’re in need of a repair or a full roof replacement. In the past, roofing code did not require the whole roof to have an underlayment.  Because of this, a leak will show up immediately once the shingles fail.  Installing a new roof is something you do not want to postpone; one small leak can lead to a large amount of interior damage.

8 Common Signs That You Will Need a Roof Replacement:

  1. Missing shingles
  2. Curling, buckling, lifting or cracked shingles
  3. Areas that look darker or a different shade (sign of missing granulates).
  4. Raised shingles from nails protruding, which means your underlayment has failed and the nails are beginning to rust and push out of the roof deck
  5. Visible fiberglass threads
  6. Cedar shakes are split or display signs of rot
  7. Large gaps between each tab – a new three tab roof should have no more than a quarter inch gap between each tab
  8. Enter your attic area and look at the condition of the roof deck. Water stains, rot and if you can see pin holes of light, those signs are not to be ignored. A small pin hole of light can cause a substantial amount of damage if not taken care of.

Some people are under the impression that using tar or silicone is an easy fix, this is untrue. These are only temporary fixes. Tar dries and cracks and leaves the roof looking unsightly.

If your roof looks anything like one of these pictures, it is time for you to consider calling a roofing contractor before it’s too late.

Cracked Black Roof Shingles Roof shingle with granule loss Roof shingle with protruding nail Worn out roof shingles

If you have any questions, call or email us here at Affordable Quality Roofing. We are more than happy to give you some advice.


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